What We Believe

We believe in people

We believe people are decent and that they care about each other and the world that they live in. That’s why we built The Briteside to allow anyone to make a positive impact on the world for free. We stand by our motto of being the free & easy way to help.

We believe in charity

We believe that charity is a force for positive change in this world and we are committed to help enable the organizations that are effective and innovative problem solvers. With the help of our users and our partners, The Briteside supports specific charitable causes so that charities can do what they do best. We will never ask for participation fee from the charities featured on The Briteside.

We believe in brands

We believe that it's the brand's integrity that people connect with and love. If you represent a brand and want to make a positive difference, then contact us to see how we can work together- it's good business.



Here to help you out!

What is The Briteside?

The Briteside operates a free website, www.thebriteside.org, where we enable anyone to make a tangible donation to a microcause for free.

Visitors to The Briteside can select from one of many causes: from providing a day of clean drinking water to feeding a sheltered animal. After viewing a sponsored video, like a commercial, we will make the chosen cause into a physical reality.

Why are we doing this?

We built this company so that we could follow the advice of a man wiser than us: ‘Leave this world a little better than you found it.’ – Robert Baden Powell

How does it work?

Visit www.thebriteside.org and choose a cause that you want to donate to.
Watch a short sponsored video.
Amplify your impact by sharing your favorite causes with your friends on social media.
Create a Briteside account and track and monitor all of the good that you are doing.
Do good daily! Engage with many different causes and help contribute to their success.

How do you find the causes featured on The Briteside?

We find charities through a mixture of our own hunting through the thousands of charities out there and via introductions. When we have found a charity that we love, we try and find a way to package what they do into a nanocause that can be offered on The Briteside.

Can I select a cause of my own to support?

No, sorry, we need to approve all of the causes that we feature on our site. If you know of a good charity, then please let us know here [contact]; or if you are a charity, then please contact us here [Are You a Charity]. We will continually work to offer the causes that are most popular amongst our users.

Can I donate money to the causes?

We do not currently support monetary donations to the causes that we support.

What are the requirements for a cause to be included on The Briteside?

The causes that you see on The Briteside are the work of great charities that we love. We have a vetting process to ensure that the charities that we endorse are of high reputability and effectiveness. We then work with the charities to ensure that their work can fit within The Briteside’s model.

How can I sign up for my organization’s cause to be represented?

Thank you for your interest, please contact us at: causes@thebriteside.org

Do nonprofits have to pay to be listed on The Briteside?

No, there is absolutely no fee for nonprofits to sign up with The Briteside.

When I donate, I don’t provide my payment information. How come?

We are not asking you, the user, for any money at all. We built this because we want to give people a free & easy way to help. Now put that money back in your pocket.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately not.

Is The Briteside a for-profit company?

The Briteside is a for-profit company focused on enabling charities to do their work and giving brands access to do some good. Unlike other fundraising platforms, we do not ask for any money from our users, simply the time it takes to watch a short video.

How do I know that the cause that I selected is met?

Users that have joined The Briteside can track their stats here. We endeavor to be transparent [link to transparency] with our funding so that you know that your causes are being met.

What information is shared when I “share” that I’ve supported a cause?

When sharing, you choose the social medium you want to use (e.g. Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.) and publish a link for the cause you donated to. By following the link, people will learn about the cause and the fact that you donated to it.

Where do I send feedback on The Briteside?

If you’d like to send us feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your thoughts anytime by clicking "Send feedback" on the sidebar or emailing us.


Get in touch

Questions or comments?

We are happy to answer any questions you have! We are also eager to know how we can improve The Briteside! Please contact us at: info@thebriteside.org

Are you a charity?

We are eager to help! Please contact us at: causes@thebriteside.org

Are you a brand?

We are eager to help! Please contact us at: brands@thebriteside.org

Want to help?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us at: iwanttowork@thebriteside.org

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If you plant a tree in a forest and no one is around to see it, does it make the most difference it can? Sign up with The Briteside to track and share all the trees you plant and all the good you do. The more people involved, the more good we can accomplish together.

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